UFO Finance is a brand new decentralized AMM exchange and yield farm on Binance Smart Chain. Our mission is to build a healthier, more sustainable deflationary tokenomics system that can benefit our users and token holders permanently.

Launch: 00:00 (UTC + 0) — Sunday 28st February 2021

Website: https://ufodefi.com

Countdown: https://bscscan.com/block/countdown/5257400

Fair Launch, No Pre-mine

1. Burning Mechanism

  • 3% deposit fee will be charged at staking.
  • 100% of the deposit fee (3%) will be used to purchase UFOs and then be burned.

2. Rugpull Migrator Code Removed
Our MasterChef forked from Goose Finance which removed migrator code and has been audited. Now you don’t have to worry about the safety of your funds when farming.

3. Security

  • Timelock added to the MasterChef contract at launch (24 hours).
  • Migrator code was removed from the MasterChef contract.
  • Contracts are forked from Goose Finance
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